This year one of the learning’s that I have had is how important it is to create positive memories of one’s own self everyday.Often experiences with people who lack integrity leaves oneself with a bitter taste of life and one strives for something more meaningful and fulfilling in knowing things.

So if every action turns into monument into our subconscious, then it is needed that with courage one does things that are be remembered as the happy moments of past. (Of course its important to be in present and take its complete taste).

With this learning in perspective and inspiration from the Divine, I happened to take part in the rangoli competition held in my organization spontaneously on the second last day because there was no team and no design in hand and things were in danger state. To help the team out, I made the complete design in mspaint and after making it – completely fell for it 🙂 desired to be part to its implementation – to see your design in reality done – is like see your own child creation , its completely joyous.


And with the simple intent of just doing it for the sake of doing it, I took the plunge and enjoyed every moment of its making, including procuring colors , all variety of materials and all the discussions related to which color should go in which part of the design.The best part of making rangoli is that it opens me up just like a handle to freedom of expression. I guess every artistic feels that after completing his work – as though part of his own self has been just taken out of him and given a new identity of its own. And as an added sweet touch , our team was awarded for it as well ! : – ).

I wish in this lifetime, if I could see the creation and manifestation of life, in a similar fashion.

Colors are the essence of life, especially vegetables, trees, flowers and sky reflect the living beauty that continues to fascinate me, every moment , every day.

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  1. Shivani,

    Can you please tell me if the colours you used esp. dark green was dyed wood powder. If yes, where did you get it?


  2. Kavita,

    Green is : grazed grass filtered for right small sizes for being used in rangoli. (It looks dark because it is a day old)

    All other colors are either dyed wood powder or plain sand colored.

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