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So when one is on the path of self correction, one path can be to observe what one is doing all the time.After introspection note down reactions and behaviors that were inconsistent and suggest solutions for them.One of the walls that one hits – doing the above activity is that the facts that sum up do not provide the complete picture. Or to put it in other words, the words are distanced from the implementation by a vast degree.The reality, is greater than the sum of the factual parts.So that implies the medium of conveying the information is incomplete. Which in turn, implies, that there does exist another medium that can hold the definition of moment in itself?. Probably, Abstractions (like paintings etc.) are pointers to that incompleteness being expressed and come closer to it.

The point is – our daily activities revolve around the same sensory perceptions in combination with our patterned reactions matrix existing. To get out of this flux, energy needs to be absorbed by our senses/brain?/enlightenment – so that this reaction pattern stops and we move to higher realms. Self correction through introspection has its limits. It is when these limits are discovered that one surrenders and moves towards knowing the higher identity of existence.

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