Let everything be soaked – in the raindrops awaited after a long period of draught. Sometimes the evaluations of permutations of life, needs to be stopped, to allow events to pass through.


The brain is anyways deficit in it’s capabilities to determine the complexities of existence.

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There was nothing there – no phone calls – no artificial hellos and gestures, and yet the kind and gentle acts of people that we have known in the past – who have gone all out – all the way to show them without getting anything in return – brings tears to my eyes.

Unconditional help and joyful help and affection is unparallel gift in this world – very few people are capable of giving it. And in the position that I am in today – where I have been blessed to receive it – I feel so choked with gratitude and happiness that there do exist such people and feeling lucky that I am alive to know this.

Relatives are those who love and care from heart and not bring petty issues in between but go all out the way to make sure that things succeed without putting their ego in between. And in this experience of mine, I have realized that all relationships are those of the bondings of the heart and less of that predefined by blood. What flows inside builds the bridges outside.

I hope in my lifetime , I would be less judgemental and more opportunistic when it comes to giving unconditional support to the people I know in my life, Giving just for the sake of giving – and that too with joy – is a great power in itself. I hope to discover its depth and beauty in my lifetime.


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“I’ve been dealing with the superwealthy for several years now, and this may be hard for those of us born in the real world to understand, but it can be a hard life, Someone born into money has no incentive to strive. Why should they, when everything is handed to them? We all like to go to bed feeling like we accomplished something that day. They don’t have that feeling, which is essential to self-esteem.  Sure, they get the fashion, the travel, the homes. But when it comes to friendship, to relationships, they wonder, ‘Does this person love me, or my money? It’s hard to trust people.'”

– Clay Cockrell (Therapist)

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The Unknown

As we know,
There are known knowns.
There are things we know we know.
We also know
There are known unknowns.
That is to say
We know there are some things
We do not know.
But there are also unknown unknowns,
The ones we don’t know
We don’t know.

—Feb. 12, 2002, Donald Rumsfeld,Department of Defense news briefing

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Whenever I had watched the Oswald tv cartoon series I used to feel the fragmentation of attention taking place in the positive sense – moving from the chaos to a place of complete understanding and absolute clarity. The colors the speech and the pace just completely went inside my attention. It was like living in a perfection. That made me curious about the person who had worked on this series – what really inspired him and triggered this which had strong undercurrents of healing energy inside it – should be someone in a completely different world altogether… on reading one of his interviews I found what I had suspected all along ;). Excerpts from his interview:

Q:What sound or noise do you love?

Dan: When I’m up in my studio and hear my kids coming home from school. I always come downstairs for hugs and an afternoon snack. Seeing their father when they get home from school is probably not a big deal for them (because it’s the way it’s always been), but I know lots of kids who don’t get to see their parents until well after they’ve eaten dinner. I’m very fortunate to see my children as much as I do and sometimes want them to stay the age they are right now forever, but—as usual—they disobey me and get bigger all the time.

Q: What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
Dan: None. Not only would I be totally incapable of doing anything other than exactly what I do, but I really have absolutely no interest in anything else. I know it sounds kind of crazy, but that’s the truth.

Q: Do you listen to music while you create books?
Dan: Yes! I listen to music when I paint, much to the dismay of my family, because I’ll listen to the same artist or CD over and over for months. I’m a huge fan of Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys. I also listen to The Polyphonic Spree, probably for the same reason; it’s really joyful, uplifting, and spiritual music. Painting is meditation for me. It calms me down.
It’s also great for me because, unlike producing a TV series or working on a feature film, it’s only me.

Read more about Dan Yaccarino and his illustrations here

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Joy in watching the sapling grow …
Go ahead… plant a sapling today – It’s your earth 🙂

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I strongly believe that one can only grow beyond oneself if one works towards a higher goal. During project work this higher goal is the project’s success. There is no room left for personal preferences or satisfaction of ego.

– Phillip Gadhir

Beautiful clarity in the presentation given by Phillip Gadhir on REST based architecture used in one of the projects. Completely enjoyed watching it yesterday.  Although some aspects related to B2B interface interaction were not detailed in it.

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Realize that life is sacred and has ultimate meaning

It’s easy to control . You just need to be aware.

It’s easy to be aware. Stop doing extra useless things.

Discipline is the key to achievement.

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What percentage of reality is relative and percentage of it is absolute ?
That I am alive is absolute – Non existence would have implications of non-knowing?.

That what I am doing and thinking and feeling is a relative thing – having zero significance in the existence of mankind. However, my actions have absolute impact on state of my being which in turn impacts my ability to know the truth.

So at this point it is important to understand what is that I mean by absolute and relative.

Absolute : Unchanged . In one state always. With high significance in existence.

Relative : Changing, with low significance in existence. Low impact.

What is the purpose of knowing the distinction between the two – for each minor activity one performs? Maybe it can be used to filter out those that are non significant.

Googly : intellect leads me to the point where I realize I am biting my own tail and going round and round in circles. Either traversing from left to right or right to left. – it leaves me back to the point where I last started – but with the understanding that “this is not the way I can grow”

The concept of ”I-ness” is critical to spiritual growth. Assertion / denial / or deprecating self / self improvement activities etc/ are again making the same circles – all of them – and the whole point is to look beyond the circle of my own existence.

So, in a way you need to be detached from your I-Ness. That is possible by being attached something that you value more than your I? It is then upto you – the seeker to decide – what you consider precious and put all the attention on that living force that helps you just jump out of your “I”.

Words never do justice – in these matters – that is truth, but atleast they act as pointers to places and learnings that we have had. There are few riders on the path of freedom and obstacles are infinite, but there is a strong reason for moving on – on this path – because without that – there is no meaning to existence at all left.

And that we know – that life is precious and there is a profound meaning in this mundane existence.

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Islamic burials require mourners to throw in three handfuls of dirt while uttering in Arabic, a small prayer:

“From it We created you and

into it We return you and

from it We resurrect you.”

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