There was nothing there – no phone calls – no artificial hellos and gestures, and yet the kind and gentle acts of people that we have known in the past – who have gone all out – all the way to show them without getting anything in return – brings tears to my eyes.

Unconditional help and joyful help and affection is unparallel gift in this world – very few people are capable of giving it. And in the position that I am in today – where I have been blessed to receive it – I feel so choked with gratitude and happiness that there do exist such people and feeling lucky that I am alive to know this.

Relatives are those who love and care from heart and not bring petty issues in between but go all out the way to make sure that things succeed without putting their ego in between. And in this experience of mine, I have realized that all relationships are those of the bondings of the heart and less of that predefined by blood. What flows inside builds the bridges outside.

I hope in my lifetime , I would be less judgemental and more opportunistic when it comes to giving unconditional support to the people I know in my life, Giving just for the sake of giving – and that too with joy – is a great power in itself. I hope to discover its depth and beauty in my lifetime.


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