Let everything be soaked – in the raindrops awaited after a long period of draught. Sometimes the evaluations of permutations of life, needs to be stopped, to allow events to pass through.


The brain is anyways deficit in it’s capabilities to determine the complexities of existence.

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“I’ve been dealing with the superwealthy for several years now, and this may be hard for those of us born in the real world to understand, but it can be a hard life, Someone born into money has no incentive to strive. Why should they, when everything is handed to them? We all like to go to bed feeling like we accomplished something that day. They don’t have that feeling, which is essential to self-esteem.  Sure, they get the fashion, the travel, the homes. But when it comes to friendship, to relationships, they wonder, ‘Does this person love me, or my money? It’s hard to trust people.'”

– Clay Cockrell (Therapist)

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Realize that life is sacred and has ultimate meaning

It’s easy to control . You just need to be aware.

It’s easy to be aware. Stop doing extra useless things.

Discipline is the key to achievement.

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What percentage of reality is relative and percentage of it is absolute ?
That I am alive is absolute – Non existence would have implications of non-knowing?.

That what I am doing and thinking and feeling is a relative thing – having zero significance in the existence of mankind. However, my actions have absolute impact on state of my being which in turn impacts my ability to know the truth.

So at this point it is important to understand what is that I mean by absolute and relative.

Absolute : Unchanged . In one state always. With high significance in existence.

Relative : Changing, with low significance in existence. Low impact.

What is the purpose of knowing the distinction between the two – for each minor activity one performs? Maybe it can be used to filter out those that are non significant.

Googly : intellect leads me to the point where I realize I am biting my own tail and going round and round in circles. Either traversing from left to right or right to left. – it leaves me back to the point where I last started – but with the understanding that “this is not the way I can grow”

The concept of ”I-ness” is critical to spiritual growth. Assertion / denial / or deprecating self / self improvement activities etc/ are again making the same circles – all of them – and the whole point is to look beyond the circle of my own existence.

So, in a way you need to be detached from your I-Ness. That is possible by being attached something that you value more than your I? It is then upto you – the seeker to decide – what you consider precious and put all the attention on that living force that helps you just jump out of your “I”.

Words never do justice – in these matters – that is truth, but atleast they act as pointers to places and learnings that we have had. There are few riders on the path of freedom and obstacles are infinite, but there is a strong reason for moving on – on this path – because without that – there is no meaning to existence at all left.

And that we know – that life is precious and there is a profound meaning in this mundane existence.

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